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Have you been told your symptoms are “in your head”, psychosomatic, incurable, or just “normal” symptoms of ageing? Are you looking for more natural healing alternatives?

We have had good results in dealing with problems others have given up on.
We offer a revolutionary non-invasive diagnostic test that allows treatment to be customised to each individual.

We commonly deal with the following problems:

Fatigue; depression; headaches; anxiety; insomnia; loss of memory; eczema problems; menstrual problems; neuritis and neuralgia; attention deficit disorder; heavy metal toxicity; irritable bowel syndrome; chronic pain; asthma; thrush; chemical sensitivity; low immunity; joint pain; infertility; prostate problems; allergies; sensitivity to white-tail spider bites.



Do you have energy to spare? This should be the norm for most people, but in New Zealand over...

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Chronic Fatigue

This client was a 38 year old woman. She was only able to work a couple of hours a day, and...

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